The following form allows you to securely submit your billing information to Guided Path Technologies, Inc. for a manual charge. This form DOES NOT charge the card immediately. Rather, it submits the entered information for a secure review by one of our billing staff and THEN is charged. If your card declines during this later manual billing process, one of our billing staff will reach out to you for new card information or to correct current information given.

Most importantly, thank you for your business and we look forward to working with you!

By signing your digital signature below, you authorize Guided Path Technologies, Inc. to process billing transactions on this provided credit card for services or products rendered to you.  You understand that submitting this payment form is not the transaction itself but will be manually and securely reviewed by authorized billing staff with Guided Path Technologies, Inc. and manually charged at a later time.

In the event that your card is declined during the secure manual charge process, one of our billing team members will reach out to you for updated card information. If the charge is successful you will automatically receive a receipt email upon the successful transaction. Sometimes these receipt emails are marked as SPAM, so please be sure to check your SPAM folders.


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